Perform[cb] celebrates “Bring Your Child to Work Day”

Though the official national “Bring Your Child to Work Day” is normally set for the end of April, we took some liberties here at Clickbooth and held our own last week. There’s a chance we’re a little biased, but we think Clickbooth is an amazing environment for kids to learn about technology, teamwork and giving back.

The team created an entire day of fun activities, each inspired by a lesson we wanted the kids to be able to take with them. Our goals? To teach the importance of following your dreams, striving for success, and giving back to the community. Activities included redesigning the Clickbooth logo, creating t-shirts with their individual goals and then filled out with inspirational quotes to support those goals from the team. We then assembled goodie bags for donation to a local cancer charity here in Sarasota.


                              Charlotte talks dreams and goals with marketing intern Olivia Epstein, as she signs Charlotte’s shirt.



Stefanie Brady, our Manager of Employee Experience, says:

We wanted to create a day that fostered each child’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit, while still having plenty of fun. It’s a great bonding experience and chance to expose our kids to Clickbooth’s collaborative environment. It’s become an event the team looks forward to every year!”


The day was a resounding success, both for the kids, the parents and other team members that participated in the day. The kids delighted in having their run of the office, and it was hard not to absorb the contagious energy!


                                                               Snow cone truck visits the office as a special treat



                                                                       Games, Games and more Games!

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