Open Enrollment is Approaching: Is Your Affiliate Strategy Ready?

At Perform[cb], we look to provide our affiliates with unparalleled account support, innovative tracking features, and insight into upcoming industry trends. As we near the end of Q3, many affiliates with quality traffic across the health insurance vertical are gearing up for Medicare and Medicaid Open Enrollment. 

In an effort to better equip our partners and publishers for the advertising guideline changes made by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), our expert affiliate team has created a handy Guide to Open Enrollment. In order to avoid compliance roadblocks and ensure our affiliate’s promotions and creatives are approved ahead of open enrollment, we developed this checklist to guide affiliates through the new changes that lie ahead and prepare them for campaign success. 

The Affiliate’s Guide to Medicare Open Enrollment

In the Affiliate’s Open Enrollment Checklist, we cover:

  • How the CMS’s advertising policy guideline changes will affect your campaign strategy and the specific measures you need to take to ensure you’re approved to run during open enrollment.
  • Updated restrictions on what advertising language you can and can not say within your promotional materials or creative.
  • Necessary steps you need to take when building and submitting your pre-sell pages.
  • Top channels you should be tapping into for open enrollment lead gen success.

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