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96% Increase in Revenue QoQ

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74% Increase in Sales QoQ

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13% Increase in AOV QoQ


LOJEL, a distinguished lifestyle and travel brand, was excited to tap into the affiliate marketing channel. LOJEL’s search to find the perfect outcome-based solution led them to Perform[cb], renowned for its full-funnel affiliate management services, and Rakuten Advertising, a powerhouse equipped with award-winning reporting and tracking capabilities. The travel marketer’s main objectives were to boost revenue, drive sales, and increase overall brand awareness through this strategic partnership.


With a clear focus on developing LOJEL’s affiliate marketing strategy, the teams prioritized establishing strong partnerships with high-quality, productive partners that aligned with LOJEL’s goals and product offerings. Utilizing Perform[cb]’s proven partner recruitment playbook and leveraging Rakuten’s comprehensive reporting capabilities, Perform[cb] conducted a meticulous selection process to identify the crème de la crème of publishers for LOJEL. A well-defined rhythm of reporting and productivity monitoring was established, ensuring that any necessary refinements could be swiftly detected and addressed, paving the way for optimal success.


With the recruitment of high-quality, niche publishers and consistent data-driven optimizations, LOJEL was able to exceed their program expectations. The dynamic collaboration between Perform[cb] and Rakuten Advertising delivered outstanding results within a remarkably short timeframe. Thanks to the strategic onboarding and optimization of partners, LOJEL saw a 96% increase in revenue and a 74% surge in sales quarter over quarter. Additionally, the travel brand achieved a 13% increase in average order value (AOV) in just one quarter. The outstanding performance of LOJEL’s newly developed affiliate marketing strategy is a testament to the power of strategic planning, effective partnerships, and data-driven optimization. 


…Perform[cb] has shown that they had the expertise and experience, accompanied by an extensive network of publishers with whom they’ve cultivated trusted relationships. Powered by Rakuten Advertising’s robust platform, it didn’t take long after onboarding for us to see results, and today, a considerable fraction of our revenues comprise affiliate sales.” 

– Carlos Magno, Communications & Partnerships Manager at LOJEL

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