Mobile Monday: Types of Mobile Marketing

As mobile devices are embedded into the palm of nearly every consumer, the ability to connect with users across multiple channels is paramount. Let’s explore the tactics that empower marketers to not only engage their audience but also retain and convert them. From display advertising to app store optimization and push advertising, we’ll uncover the types of campaigns that can drive massive scale for your user acquisition efforts. 

Mobile Marketing Campaign Types

  • Display: Utilize versatile ad formats and targeting strategies, such as banners, retargeted, native, social media, and geofencing, to engage users across various channels. Discover how a popular banking app achieved a 233% boost in new users within a month of running native display campaigns with Perform[cb]’s Outcome Engine.
  • Social: Invest in strategic social media campaigns tailored to your audience’s preferences and behaviors – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok – the list of channels is only growing. Reach users where they spend their time, whether on social media apps or mobile websites.
  • In-App: Retain acquired users with effective in-app advertising, which is currently the fastest-growing form of mobile advertising. Formats include banners, rewarded video ads, and interstitial ads. Rewarded video ads encourage user engagement in exchange for in-app rewards, boasting high conversion rates.
  • App Store Optimization (ASO): ASO should be integrated into every mobile marketer’s campaign to optimize app listings with keyword-rich titles and descriptions, and encourage user reviews. ASO improves rankings, expands reach, drives traffic, and boosts installations.
  • Search: App discovery extends beyond app stores. Users often find apps through search engines, especially for local, dating, tech, and travel categories. Enhance mobile search ads with tailored messaging, creative, CTAs, extensions, and optimized landing pages.
  • Push Advertising: Personalized push notifications offer cost-effective and high click-through rate (CTR) solutions. Push notifications are users’ preferred choice for receiving promotions, boosting engagement by 88%. Types include in-app, mobile web, and smartwatch push notifications.
  • Mobile App Retargeting: Target users who engaged with your brand previously. Retargeting is cost-effective and drives lower-funnel conversions. It reduces lead generation costs by 62% and increases conversion rates by 50-60%.

Mobile Marketing Strategies For Success

As the mobile landscape continues to shape the digital realm, leveraging a combination of these mobile marketing strategies becomes a powerful approach for brands aiming to thrive in a competitive environment. These diverse strategies empower mobile marketers to engage, retain, and convert users effectively across various channels. In the end, the success of mobile marketing is all about understanding your audience and harnessing the right tools to create meaningful and lasting connections.

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