The Truth About Coupon and Reward Partnerships

Oftentimes, brands focus narrowly on upper-funnel (awareness) activities like securing content placements to attract new customers in hopes of driving incremental sales, disregarding lower-funnel (conversion) partnerships that should be in their affiliate channel mix.

Common myths around coupon and reward partners have led marketers to view them as less attractive, believing the myth that they “steal attribution” from awareness publishers. These partners are assumed to be driving low LTV and AOV, and providing little incrementality or ROAS – but, this could not be further from the truth.

The Truth About Coupon and Reward Partnerships – New Whitepaper!

Perform[cb] analyzed years of data across top clients to bust common myths around conversion partnerships, and the data is clear: not only do coupon, reward, and toolbar partners provide value, they consistently beat other channels in terms of ROAS and incrementality. Download our latest whitepaper, The Truth About Coupon and Reward Partnerships, to unlock how your brand can begin driving massive customer growth across channels.

What to Expect in this Whitepaper:

  • Common myths about coupon and reward partners
  • How conversion partners outperform content and influencer channels by ROAS
  • Years of Perform[cb] client data comparing performance across channels and verticals
  • The less obvious, but equally as important way conversion partnerships add incremental value
  • How coupon and reward partners can lower and optimize marketing spend

Download your copy of The Truth About Coupon and Reward Partnerships whitepaper today!

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