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Preparing for 2023: Reflecting on Consumer Holiday Shopping Changes

Posted By Matthew Lord on Jan 6 2023
While the booming holiday shopping season may be over, understanding consumer shopping changes are key for 2023 marketing success.

Ignite OPM’s Strategies to Hit 2019 Running

Posted By Perform[cb] on Nov 30 2018
The holiday season is in full swing and our team knows it will fly by in the blink of an eye. We also know it’s well time for Q1 planning. The holidays are a high time for marketing, but it doesn’t stop there. Q1 is filled with opportunities for brand promotion, such as the “New Year, New You” push for health and fitness brands, Valentine’s Day for florist and romance-centric brands, and President’s Day for mattress and appliance retailers. These are just a few of the options Q1 offers. We’ve got the guide to ensure your business sees success during Q1.
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