Perform[cb]’s Customer Acquisition Dashboard and Reporting Gets a Refresh

Introducing Perform[cb]’s new and improved Marketer Dashboard! With a reimagined interface, our marketers will be able to customize and access reporting features right at their fingertips. We’re eager to unveil the new dashboard and begin seeing the positive impact on our marketers’ campaign efficiency and performance.

At Perform[cb], creating the most innovative technology for our marketers and partners is a top priority. Named “Best Marketing Performance Management Solution” by the 2021 MarTech Breakthrough Awards, Perform[cb] continues to offer unmatched, customized features to drive our client’s campaign success. 

Streamlined Interface 

new streamlined interface in PerformLEAP marketer dashboard

Our team is thrilled to introduce a new look and feel to the Perform[cb] Marketer Dashboard with a complete refresh packed full of additional features and reporting widgets. While the dashboard has a new modern look, marketers can expect no change to their offer management. This refresh is meant to create effortless functionality, allowing more time for campaign monitoring and optimizations.

Upon logging into their account, users will see a brand new Activity Feed. This will give them the ability to contact their account manager, review the account balance, and view recent updates to their current offers. Additionally, marketers will now have the ability to update their offer and group budgets right on the dashboard. With immediate visibility into how campaigns are pacing, this is especially helpful for marketers running multiple offers who may need to update their budget frequently. 

As users continue through the dashboard, they’ll be introduced to a full view of the performance metrics. Available metrics include clicks, conversions, eCPA, CPC, impressions, cost today, cost month-to-date, and cost year-to-date. With the ability for customization, marketers can select which metrics they want to track and analyze on their dashboard. 

User-Friendly Navigation

When it comes to Perform[cb], user experience and ease-of-navigation are top priorities. With the revamped dashboard, marketers will also now have access to an expanded navigation. When users are logged into their account, they’ll see two icons in the top left navigation indicating “Manage” and “Grow”. 

new user-friendly navigation in PerformLEAP

The Manage tab gives insight into all the marketer’s offers, with subcategories including My Offers, Budget Groups, and Pixel Groups. Additionally, marketers can update their billing information through the Manage tab. The Grow tab is a place for marketers to dive into their metrics and reporting. Under Reports, marketers will have the ability to analyze by offers, links, and partner IDs, easily making updates where needed. For example, marketers can update the offer payout, analyze budget groups, and analyze offers by status all within the Reports subcategory.  

Users will see additional reports available with a blue padlock icon. These reports, such as traffic types, clicks, conversions, and dynamic reports are only available through an upcoming new Perform[cb] expansion that will be available to marketers. If you’re interested in learning more about these locked reports, contact our team

Additional Analytics Reporting

To further optimize their current offers, marketers now have access to sort and view analytics by offer, link, and partner reports within the Grow navigation. With these additional reports, marketers will gain insight into traffic metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, cost, and more. This will help marketers understand which specific offers are converting best and where to optimize. 

Offer Reports

All of the marketer’s live offers are housed in the Offer Reports. These offer metrics are broken down by offer name, type, budget, status, global payout, impressions, clicks, conversions, CVR, ATR, eCPA, and cost – all of which is grouped by offer ID. Essentially, if a marketer is running three offers today, they would see three rows with each of the offers analytics, as seen below.

analyze offers in PerformLEAP

Additionally, marketers will have the option to analyze specific offers by day, offer links, and partners. With the launch of our Perform[cb] expansion, marketers will also have the opportunity to sort by traffic type and geo. 

Link Reports give marketers insights into which of their campaign links are performing best, with metrics broken down by link ID. Links are created by the affiliate partner and typically can contain one or more offers. For example, one link may be connected to multiple offers for the marketer. 

These reports can be a great resource for marketers to gain valuable insights into their affiliate partners who are conducting A/B testing frequently. For example, many affiliate partners utilize Perform[cb]’s Weighted Distribution feature for simplified A/B testing, using one link to test several offers at once. 

Partner Reports

Partner Reports provide marketers with a comprehensive view of individual partner performance. Report metrics include impressions, clicks, conversions, CVR, ATR, CPC, eCPA, and cost. The reports will only show marketers the data, but will not disclose individual affiliate information. In order to view individual partner data, marketers will need to access the upcoming Perform[cb] marketer expansion. If you’re interested in learning more about this expansion, reach out to your account manager today. 

H2: What’s Next?

Our Development team continues to create new innovative advancements to our technology in order to keep our marketers and partners ahead of the game. Stay tuned for exciting advancements coming soon! If you just can’t wait, schedule a call with your account manager to ask if you qualify for our beta testing group. 

If you have an idea or suggestion to make Perform[cb] new dashboard better fit your business needs, submit your feedback with the “Give Feedback” button within your account. Take advantage of the new marketer dashboard by logging into your account today. 

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