Empowering Marketers for Success: Perform[cb] Unveils New Marketer Development Team

At Perform[cb], our commitment to client growth drives us to proactively identify and bridge any potential gaps in our services where we can add unique value. In line with this commitment, we’re thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our Outcome Engine: the Marketer Development team.

Marketer Development Team

The Marketer Development team is the crucial link between seamlessly onboarding our new marketers and propelling their user acquisition efforts toward scalable success. Following the handover from our Sales team, the Marketer Development team dedicates additional time to align on strategy, creative deliverables, platform integrations, targeting, competitive payouts, and more. This strategic approach ensures that when clients are transitioned from the Marketer Development team over to their new Growth Manager, campaigns are already equipped with a solid foundation and ready for incremental scale.

Pioneering the Marketer Development initiative are two highly esteemed team members of Perform[cb], recently promoted to create this new department.

Colleen Skogen is a seasoned professional who joined Perform[cb] in 2018.  Her ascent, starting as a Technical Operations Associate and progressing through roles such as SMB Account Executive and Senior Growth Manager, has now culminated in her position as Vice President of Marketer Development. Colleen is a shining example of excellence, having been named MVP twice at Perform[cb]‘s annual Think Bigger conference. Her hallmark qualities include forging genuine relationships with her marketers, being a knowledgeable, communicative, hardworking individual, and always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

Alongside her is Courtney McLeod, who joined Perform[cb] in 2020. Despite joining just before the pandemic and having to quickly pivot to a remote learning style, Courtney’s growth journey within Perform[cb] has been nothing short of monumental. She transitioned seamlessly from her initial role in Business Development to positions such as SMB Account Executive and Growth Executive, finally ascending to her new role as Marketer Development Executive. Courtney’s contributions have been vital to the success of the Outcome Engine, demonstrating her resilience and determination in the face of challenges.

Both Colleen and Courtney bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, which will be extremely valuable for positioning our new marketers for sustainable, long-term growth. Their expertise will be essential in helping brands scale faster and more strategically.

“Constantly enhancing our new business onboarding processes while maintaining a strategic approach across the industry is at the heart of Perform[cb]‘s goals. Our new Marketer Development team will be instrumental in reinforcing our client’s campaigns and aligning with their internal objectives to drive growth, and we’re enthusiastic about the success it promises to deliver to our marketers.”

– Brad Dobbins, Chief Operating Officer at Perform[cb]

“I am honored and thrilled to lead this new team. The depth of my experience has enabled me to recognize the significance of a fully baked-out campaign strategy to set the stage for success, and I’m eager to bridge this gap. Courtney and I are fully dedicated to ensuring that our marketers are meticulously prepared for scaling and exceeding ROI goals.”

– Colleen Skogen, Vice President of Marketer Development at Perform[cb]

Positioning Brands for Customer Acquisition Success

Enhancing customer acquisition to contribute to our marketers’ bottom line and longevity has been our mission since 2002. We understand the pivotal role of continuous innovation – not just for our clients, but the industry as a whole.

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