Employee Spotlight: Meet Director of Operations, Quin Talaric

Perform[cb] has been pioneering affiliate marketing since 2002, but this would not have been possible without the backbone of our company – our team members. Our agency leadership team recently celebrated a few in-house promotions as well as welcoming new faces to PCB. We are already looking forward to watching this team advance and drive success for both our clients and team members. Over the past few weeks, we have loved diving into what excites these new leaders and sharing their experiences with Perform[cb]! This week, learn more about our new Director of Operations, Quin Talaric.

When did you join Perform[cb]? Were there any key factors that influenced your decision to join our team? Did you have prior experience working with an affiliate agency, or was this your first step into the industry?

I started at Perform[cb] in September of 2020 as a Program Coordinator. My cousin worked on the network side at the time and I had been looking to change career paths from customer service to marketing. I wanted to start from the ground up which is why the Program Coordinator role interested me! Prior to working at Perform[cb], I had no agency or affiliate experience.

How has Perform[cb] helped nurture your career development thus far?

Starting as a Program Coordinator allowed me to learn affiliate marketing from all sides of the business. I not only gained affiliate marketing industry knowledge, but also experience working at an agency, which was unlike anywhere I had worked previously. I quickly realized in that role that affiliate marketing truly interested me and I wanted to help the agency grow and become the best it can be. What has helped nurture my career development thus far is the experience. Working with the team,

Who has been the most influential person within the organization for you?

I think I have learned something from just about every single person at the agency! I would have to say that Angie Stockman has been the most influential person for me. She has helped me get to where I am today and I have learned SO much from Angie’s experience in the industry.

What do you enjoy most about Perform[cb]’s company culture?

I enjoy how supportive and collaborative the team is. We are all in this together, so when we are faced with challenges or obstacles we know we are not alone and have support to get through anything!

What is your favorite part of your new role?

My favorite part of my new role is how I am able to work with so many people across different teams at Perform[cb]!

If you could give your teenage or childhood self a piece of advice, what would it be? Why?

Keep challenging yourself and doing things that are outside of your comfort zone.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

I think everyone at Perform[cb] knows by now, I have eaten 27 pancakes in one sitting, which is always my go-to fun fact. Other than that, I went skydiving when I was 13 in New Zealand!

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