Employee Spotlight: Meet Director of Sales, Anthony Conrad

Perform[cb] is a distinguished leader within the performance marketing industry thanks to the backbone of our company – the outstanding internal leadership. Our new Agency leadership team has hit the ground running, leading the way for both our clients’ and team members’ success. We have loved sharing a glimpse of their day-to-day routines and why they’re excited about their new roles. This week, to wrap up this spotlight series, learn more about our Director of Sales, Anthony Conrad.

When did you join Perform[cb]? Were there any key factors that influenced your decision to join our team? Did you have prior experience working with an affiliate agency, or was this your first step into the industry?

I joined the Perform[cb] team in June of 2022, having previously worked with different affiliate agencies in the space. Additionally, I’ve spent the past five years gaining experience across the MarTech industry as a whole.

How has Perform[cb] helped nurture your career development thus far?

The organization has been incredibly helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of the affiliate space, what factors matter most to marketers, and the full life cycle of an affiliate program. It’s basically been an MBA in affiliate marketing!

Who has been the most influential person within the organization for you?

Craig McGlynn, Mandi Pinar, and Angie Stockman have all been influential to help me learn the mission of Perform[cb], what we do, and how we approach affiliate marketing strategy for our clients. They’ve helped me learn the lay of the land and have taught me how to get better each day.

What do you enjoy most about Perform[cb]’s company culture?

Perform[cb] is stocked full of individuals from different backgrounds who can truly be themselves and openly communicate together to win for our clients!

What is your favorite part of your new role?

Working with a dynamic team that is hungry, scrappy, and ready to grow and learn!

If you could give your teenage or childhood self a piece of advice, what would it be? Why?

Lean into the data and plan for the long term. We only have one life and mistakes can be made, but what we learn from those mistakes is the key to being a better person tomorrow.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

I have built, led, and pitched with teams from almost every continent across the world!

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