Celebrating Perform[cb]’s Inaugural Diversity Week

The Perform[cb] team kicked off its inaugural Diversity Week from March 8-12th. Our theme was surrounding the acronym P.O.W.E.R: perspective, opportunity, workplace, educate, and re-imagine the future. Through open discussions, new perspectives, and finding a way to give back, our team members came together to celebrate our community. We’re excited to continue celebrating a diverse and inclusive work environment, as our people make us who we are. Check out our recap from the week!

Diversity Week 2021

We began the week with a discussion hosted by Josette “Jo” Ciceron, social justice advocate and activist, surrounding personal bias, stereotypes, and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Jo shared her personal experiences with racism and discrimination being a black woman moving to a small Minnesota town, and her own mental health journey. Through some of the hardest years of her life, Jo made it a point to write and publish her story to share her experiences and fight with the world.

As we continued through the week, Perform[cb]’s Diversity Taskforce spent time sharing valuable resources to further educate the team daily. We welcomed Jo back on Friday to close out Diversity Week by facilitating an open forum with our team members. It is only through these discussions and intentional efforts that we may hope to make our personal and professional spaces safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all.

Black & Brown Founders T-Shirt Campaign

Giving back to our community is a big part of Perform[cb]’s culture. To celebrate Diversity Week, our Diversity Taskforce sought an organization to support on behalf of Perform[cb]. This year, our team chose to support Black & Brown Founders, an organization that provides community, education, and access to Black and Latinx entrepreneurs, enabling them to launch and build tech businesses with modest resources. 

The Perform[cb] Diversity Taskforce designed a custom t-shirt for our team to wear on the last day of Diversity Week. Through this in-house t-shirt campaign, we were proud to have been able to make a donation to Black & Brown Founders. Being able to support the mission of this truly amazing organization meant so much to our entire team.

Team members sent in photos throughout the day leading up to our last event, creating this collage to commemorate our inaugural Diversity Week.

Get Involved

While we reached the end of Diversity Week, that doesn’t mean this is the end of the conversation. This week set the foundation for our commitment to the open and ongoing development of our organization throughout the entire year. Our team looks forward to continuing the discussion around how we can make Perform[cb] and our communities more inclusive and safe for all.

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