Perform[cb] Agency Announces the Launch of the Keeps Affiliate Program

Perform[cb] Agency is excited to announce the launch of the Keeps affiliate program!

Keeps is an online service that offers telehealth monthly subscription plans focused on hair loss treatments for men. Keeps was founded in 2018 by two longtime friends, Steve Gutentag and Demetri Karagas, who had both struggled to find a remedy for their own hair loss. The two teamed up to create the most affordable way for men to secure an expert-backed, FDA-approved hair loss treatment plan. Since then, Keeps has helped hundreds of thousands of men get their hair and confidence back. 

Keeps guarantees consumers a first-class healthcare experience, ensures access to top medical experts, and provides multiple simple, affordable treatment options. Keeps connects customers with a licensed physician to review their consultation responses in order to recommend the best treatment plan for their specific needs. Through the brand’s dashboard, customers always have access to a doctor who can answer questions about their treatment plan, monitor progress, and offer helpful tips and guidance along the way. Keeps has received recognition from top publications such as The Wall Street Journal, GQ, Esquire, Business Insider, and more. 

Keeps is a new and exciting opportunity for Perform[cb] Agency. Within the first three months, Perform[cb] Agency plans to onboard existing upper-funnel content partners and expand into the loyalty space to diversify the program’s distribution. The Agency team will also be launching a cost-per-action program for niche partners to join in order to achieve incremental, full-funnel growth.

The Perform[cb] Agency team is excited to work as an extension of the Keeps marketing team to align strategy and secure the successful scale of their affiliate program. 

Learn more about the Keeps affiliate program and join now!

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