Perform[cb] Agency Announces the Launch of the Athena Club Affiliate Program

Perform[cb] Agency is excited to announce the launch of the Athena Club affiliate program!

Athena Club wants to radically improve how people practice self-care by bettering the convenience and quality of the products they use every day. Athena Club is facilitating easy, uncomplicated personal care routines with products and experiences that are digitally native and put people first. Athena Club is creating essential products with high-quality ingredients that are backed by science and better for the environment. Athena Club offers a variety of products such as razors, shave foam, body wash, body lotion, deodorant, probiotics and vitamins, period care products, self-care bundles, and more. The company also offers a customizable subscription option for customers who want to have all of their essential products shipped to them on a regular basis.

Athena Club’s award-winning products have gained recognition from top publications such as Vogue, Allure, Good Housekeeping, SELF Magazine, Women’s Health, Refinery29, Forbes, Buzzfeed, Instyle, and more. Since relaunching in 2019, Athena Club has partnered with many local and global organizations such as Good+ Foundation, PERIOD., and Bright Pink. To date, Athena Club has donated over one million personal products to those in need.

Perform[cb] Agency is excited to partner with high-reach content providers and upper-funnel sites to increase brand awareness and new customer acquisition. The agency plans to develop efficient partnerships with new publishers as well as re-engage and optimize existing partners to develop Athena Club’s affiliate program into a high converting and traffic driving channel.

The Perform[cb] Agency team is excited to work as an extension of Athena Club’s marketing team to align strategy and secure the successful scale of their affiliate program.

Learn more about the Athena Club affiliate program and join now!

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