Congratulations to Our 2020 MVPs!

It’s time to announce our 2020 MVPs! Our MVP awards are all about recognizing Perform[cb] team members who were thinking and acting bigger throughout the year. We are very excited to acknowledge our team members for their hard work that shined through the clouds of 2020. The MVP awards were presented at our 2021 annual company-wide event, Think Bigger. Think Bigger was held virtually this year during the third week of February, with team members tuning in near and far via Zoom. 

During the beginning of Think Bigger week, our MVP nominees were announced…

On Day 1 of Think Bigger, our first group of nominees was announced: 

  • Ryan Atherton, Director of Mobile Network Health
  • Angelica Cognac, Senior Accounts Payable Associate
  • Blaire Tiernan, Agency Partner Associate

On Day 2 of Think Bigger, three more nominees were announced: 

  • Colleen Skogen, Senior Account Executive
  • Denis Mitrovic, Senior Web Developer
  • Demi Campbell, Senior Technical Operations Specialist

On Day 3 of Think Bigger, our final group of nominees was announced: 

  • Djordje Sladakovic, Web Developer
  • Hannah Ervin, Digital Marketing Manager
  • Jon Cable, IT Manager
  • Kristin Clarke, Vice President of Corporate Compliance

MVP 2020: Denis Mitrovic

Our first MVP award of the year went to our devoted Senior Web Developer, Denis Mitrovic! Denis has been with Perform[cb] for six years. Denis is known for being reliable, detail-oriented, and always ready to help. His colleagues say he is an honor to work with, and he’s always saving the day with a hotfix, helping his team plan, or organizing new features. Denis is a great mentor to all developers in the office, and well-deserving of the MVP title for 2020. Congratulations, Denis Mitrovic! 

MVP 2020: Jon Cable

The MVP at our Denver office was awarded to Jon Cable, the more than deserving IT Manager who has been with Perform[cb] for fourteen years!  Jon is known for being a mover and a shaker, and for exuding everything that people love about working at Perform[cb].  Jon was a huge contributor in Perform[cb]’s transition to remote-work during the Covid-19 pandemic, while still learning to work remotely himself.  “His positive attitude and willingness to help out is truly amazing,” says one of his colleagues. Congratulations, Jon Cable!

MVP 2020: Colleen Skogen

Last but certainly not least, the MVP was awarded to our dedicated Senior Account Executive, Colleen Skogen. She has grown several accounts and is known for being a pleasure to work with. She has been with Perform[cb] for over three years, and always tackles any challenge that comes her way. Her colleagues say, ”She is always asking how she can step up and do more” and her team calls her a “true team player who just works hard 24/7.” She is smart, driven, and pays great attention to detail. Congratulations, Colleen Skogen!

That’s a wrap for our 2020 MVPs! We are extremely proud of our MVPs and we can’t express how much we value you here at Perform[cb]. All of our MVP nominees are well-deserving of recognition. Your hard work, leadership, and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed, and we are looking forward to all of your future successes!

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