Perform[cb] Agency Announces the Launch of the Lovepop Affiliate Program

Perform[cb] Agency is excited to announce the launch of the Lovepop affiliate program!

Lovepop is a Boston-based startup with the mission to create one billion magical moments. Lovepop combines art and engineering to stretch the boundaries of the imagination by creating magical cards and gifts that bring people together. Lovepop’s designs aim to inspire people to share love, whether celebrating a holiday, an important milestone, or an everyday moment.

Wombi Rose and John Wise, Lovepop’s founders, met while studying to be naval architects at the Webb Institute. Wombi and John were influenced by the amazing paper art form of kirigami while on a Harvard Business School trip to Vietnam years later. When the duo combined their engineering expertise with this ancient art and the sliceform structure used in ship design to create Slicegami™, Lovepop was born. 

Lovepop has developed hundreds of original creations to help make any occasion magical since receiving an investment from Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary on ABC’s “Shark Tank” in 2015. Lovepop now has 185,000 5-star reviews, and is making waves in the press. Entrepreneur says, “Lovepop’s business is successful by design. Not only does the company already deal with very emotional events, but it also offers a very unique, customizable product to add an element of surprise and personality to a special day. The intersection of the two builds a strong bond with customers.”

Within the first six months of the Lovepop affiliate program running, the Perform[cb] Agency intends to scale by realigning commission rates based on a full-funnel approach, as well as by incorporating a solid strategy behind the payout setup. The Agency plans to concentrate on increasing customer acquisition by instituting higher payouts for partners driving new customers to convert.

The Perform[cb] Agency team is excited to work as an extension of Lovepop’s marketing team to align strategy and secure the successful scale of their affiliate program. 

Learn more about the Lovepop affiliate program and join now!

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