How to Reach Your Ideal Consumer this Back to School Season

We know what you may be thinking – back to school marketing? How can anyone think about shopping for school supplies as students are just gearing up for summer? Well, it’s digital marketers like yourself who should be in the initial stages of planning your back to school campaigns. 

If you’re looking to ensure your back to school promotions are front and center by the time students receive their supply lists, and parents begin making their purchase decisions, it’s time to begin planning your strategy now.

Back to School Consumers to be Aware of 

When it comes to the back to school shopping season, marketers must be aware of the many audiences that should be taken into consideration when developing promotions. From parents with young kids, college students, new teachers, last-minute deal seekers, and everyone in between, the first step in preparing an ROI-driving back to school campaign is for brands to establish their ideal target audience.

Student Engagement Through Social Media

Did you know children impact around 70% of purchase decisions? Although they may not have direct buying power, children’s influence on their parents’ purchasing decisions is huge. With social media in the hands of the younger generation now more than ever, popular apps such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are key to reaching students and driving back to school conversions. Learn how you can harness the power of social media to reach younger generations, such as Gen-Z and Millenials, this back to school season. 

Expand Reach Across Parents and Teachers

Just as students use social media to learn the latest back to school trends, working with niche content publishers can be a massive conversion driver when it comes to reaching parents and teachers. Utilizing upper-funnel partners, such as influencers and niche bloggers, is just one way marketers can reach parents looking for the best back to school deals. Investing in a healthy marketing mix will yield such success, but keep in mind that small publishers, such as niche bloggers and influencers, are only a piece of that mix. Learn which publishers you should be testing with to reach your ideal target audience ahead of back to school shopping.

School Teaching Formats and Consumer Spending

Many variables are taken into account when it comes to consumers deciding when to begin their back to school shopping. From in-store versus online shopping, as well as virtual or in-person schooling options, consumers’ buying priorities have shifted based on their lifestyle. As you begin planning your back to school promotions and onboarding new publishers, it’s crucial to factor in the prevalence of in-person versus remote schooling choices, as these options tend to align with shopping habits regionally. Don’t procrastinate – download Perform[cb]’s Back to School Marketing Guide to take advantage of early back to school shoppers. 

Back to School Marketing Guide: How to Ace Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s time to sharpen your pencils and your targeting strategies. How are you planning to prep for the back to school shoppers awaiting your promotions? With Perform[cb]’s Back to School Marketing Guide, you can be well-equipped with the necessary study materials to make this your most profitable back to school season yet. 

What to Expect in This Guide:

  • Access to two exclusive Perform[cb] client success stories with top brands – Hungryroot and Brilliant
  • When you should be planning your back to school promotions, and how major shopping dates can affect consumer spending
  • How to know which publishers and channels are right for reaching your ideal back to school shopper, taking into account various schooling options
  • What you can do to secure sales from last-minute back to school shoppers

Download your copy of the Back to School Marketing Guide!

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