The C-Suite’s Blueprint for Mastering Outcome-Based Marketing

Welcome to the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, where business executives and the C-suite face mounting pressure to demonstrate measurable results while optimizing their ad spend. Traditional branding-focused approaches fall short of capturing the attention of today’s consumer and achieving desired outcomes. That’s where “Outcome-Based Marketing” (OBM) comes into play—a strategic paradigm shift that prioritizes measurable results, customer acquisition, and aligning marketing initiatives with company objectives, all with the goal of achieving a constant return on ad spend (ROAS). 

The C-Suite’s Guide to Outcome-Based Marketing (OBM)

Perform[cb]’s latest guide delves into the concept of OBM to explore its significance across the entire performance-based marketing landscape. 

OBM offers a comprehensive methodology that empowers businesses to drive tangible results and foster long-term customer relationships. Upon downloading this guide, marketing executives like yourself will be armed with the knowledge to make data-driven decisions, ultimately resulting in “always-on ROAS.” We invite you to join us as we lift the curtain and unveil the five key components that contribute to OBM’s guaranteed success. 

What to Expect in this Guide:

  • Defining outcome-based marketing (OBM) 
  • A comprehensive breakdown of the common publisher types across the OBM ecosystem
  • How to measure the growth opportunity your brand has on an OBM model
  • Insight into the 24+ diverse digital channels brands should test and optimize with
  • The top 5 components of OBM that separate successful brands from their competitors

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