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The pay per call (PPC) industry continues to see monumental growth – this comes as no surprise, with phone calls having the highest level of intent. When built strategically, PPC campaigns can be extremely effective, with an impressive 30-50% conversion rate and the ability to bring in high-quality leads ready to convert.

Perform[cb] Call Generation Solutions

Successful PPC marketing requires strong communication and trust between marketers, networks, and affiliates. At Perform[cb], we strive to connect marketers with only the top partners to drive consistent volume of highly qualified inbound and outbound call leads. With the help of our in-house compliance team, marketers can feel at ease knowing their call leads are proactively screened and monitored for quality assurance. If you have experience with our pay per call experts, we encourage you to make your voice heard in mThink’s 2023 Blue Book survey for the Best Pay Per Call Networks!

As your trusted performance marketplace, we are thankful to have been named a 2022 Best PPC Network and proudly ranked #1 in Outcomes Worldwide for seven consecutive years in the Blue Book Survey. Show your love for Perform[cb] and help us secure our position as the top choice in the call generation industry. Cast your vote now!

What is the mThink Blue Book Survey?

mThink’s Spring Performance & Revenue Blue Book survey provides marketers and affiliate partners with an essential resource: an updated ranking of the top PPC networks in the dynamic outcome-based marketing landscape. Armed with the latest rankings and pay per call industry insights, they can confidently choose the best networks for any brand’s call-generation needs.

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Join us in shaping the industry by casting your vote for Perform[cb], ensuring we maintain our position as the industry leader. Together, let’s make waves and show the world why Perform[cb] is the go-to choice for PPC excellence.

We deeply appreciate our clients and partners like you, as your trust and collaboration are the driving force behind our success. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love and continue providing outstanding call-generation solutions.

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