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7x Increased spend over the course of three months

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6,700+ First Orders tracked in the first three months of the new agency’s management


The well-known food delivery app had been running a direct campaign with Perform[cb] and recently transitioned campaign management to an agency partner. The client was looking to continue running their campaign through this agency partner with Perform[cb] on decreased budgets.


Perform[cb] reviewed partners who ran on the direct campaign to identify which partners had performed the most efficiently. Perform[cb] also requested fraud reports from the agency on a regular basis to ensure all traffic being sent was performing optimally for the client.


Given the decreased budgets, Perform[cb] was able to successfully work as an extension of the agency, maintain volume, and continue to scale this marketer’s account. Over the course of three months, this client increased spend by 7x – spending more than they previously had with the direct campaign, in addition to a higher payout.