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30%+ Increase in Conversion Rate

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25% Increase in Revenue MoM


A premium transport marketer came to Perform[cb] looking to decrease their average cost-per-ride booking to $20 and increase their conversion rate (install to booking within one week) to 30%.


Perform[cb] utilized a strategic blend of pricing models to ensure all traffic channels were optimized for the best ROI, while scaling the campaign heavily during weekends due to the increased use of transport service apps. The team continuously optimized the campaigns to ensure conversion rate KPIs were met and generated customized reporting to the marketer’s specific needs.


Perform[cb] consistently exceeded the transport marketer’s 30% install to booking conversion goal and met the $20 cost per first booking average, sending quality traffic to the app. As a result of consistently meeting and exceeding KPIs, the long-time client’s agency increased spend month over month by 25%.