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50,000+ New Customer Installs

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Exceeded target install purchase CRs by 50% within the first month


This well-known travel app came to Perform[cb] looking to increase post-install events (purchases) while maintaining efficient CPI and CPA costs. Initially, the campaigns targeted both iOS and Android users across the UK, DE, FR, ES, and IT.


Perform[cb] set up campaigns to include install and post-install event data to ensure campaigns were optimizing toward the client’s core monetization KPI. Perform[cb]’s affiliate partner network delivered meaningful volume using in-app, display, and video sources. 


Using exclusive sources with past success promoting travel apps, Perform[cb] was able to exceed target ROI benchmarks and acquisition goals. Within four months of launching, Perform[cb] was able to deliver install-purchase CRs increases month over month, with the travel app seeing over 50,000 new customer installs. They exceeded their target install purchase CRs by 50% just within the first month