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6,800+ Calls Within 90 Days

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50% Call Conversion Rate

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15:07 Average Call Duration


A leading medicare marketer was looking to drive new policies to their call center through inbound calls on a performance model. This marketer was looking to run a pay-per-call campaign to increase call volume and drive new policies. The Perform[cb] team suggested utilizing search traffic sources to acquire new customers for the marketer while scaling call volume.


Perform[cb] strategize with top pay per call ad partners to drive traffic through search, social, and display channels in an effort to generate qualified inbound calls. The advertisements run across each of these traffic sources were “call-only”, meaning that they can only be displayed on devices that have call capabilities. To ensure only the most qualified users were targeted, the Perform[cb] team used geotargeting capabilities and demographic user data relevant to the marketer’s goals to ping user devices through the team’s trusted call partner, Ringba. Perform[cb] implemented dynamic pass back rates based on each buyer’s end cost-per-policy to allow the marketer to adjust their CPA in real-time based on campaign performance. 


By using specific targeting insights and trusted industry partnerships, Perform[cb] was able to increase the medicare marketer’s call volume and drive new policies dramatically. In a period of just 90 days, the pay per call campaign proved successful as it generated 6,898 calls and counting, with a 50% conversion rate. With an average call duration of 15 minutes and seven seconds, the marketer saw their revenue per call reach up to $55.96. This medicare marketer and Perform[cb] are excited about the marketer’s call and policy success, and look forward to continuing to optimize their customer acquisition strategy moving forward.