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$15,000+ Total Earnings In Two Months

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1,500+ Premium Account Sign-Ups Over Three Months

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9.70% Conversion Rate


A top-performing affiliate partner with Perform[cb] Agency fintech clients was looking to capitalize on additional offers within the fintech vertical as a result of seeing consistent success. Correspondingly, a well-known banking app was looking to grow their new premium account sign-ups and overall direct deposits while maintaining their goal CPA with Perform[cb] Outcome Engine. With additional budget available, this affiliate partner crossed over from Perform[cb] Agency to test the mobile banking app’s offers with Perform[cb]’s Partnership Platform. 


Using their proprietary RTB (Real-Time Bidding) technology, this partner was able to buy in-app traffic to promote the banking app and scale at a rapid pace. In an effort to control campaign spend and effectively monitor the quality of leads, Perform[cb] and the affiliate partner decided it would be best to set budgets and click caps. In doing so, the partner was able to continue scaling and driving in-app traffic with a focus on targeting high-quality leads. 


In just three months, this affiliate partner was able to scale with Perform[cb]’s Partnership Platform and deliver 1,546 new premium account signups for the banking app while maintaining the goal CPA, thus achieving the desired KPIs. Of these new premium account signups, 150 converted into a direct deposit action resulting in a 9.70% conversion rate (CVR). Additionally, this affiliate partner was able to earn over $15,000 in commissions in just two months with Perform[cb] Outcome Engine.