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96% Increase in Funded Accounts MoM

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41% Growth in Funded Accounts Over 2 Months

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2,300 Accounts Registrations in 1 Months


The leading micro-investing app was looking to drive new customer registrations and increase the number of funded accounts driven into the program year-over-year with Perform[cb] Agency in preparation for Q1 seasonality.


This marketer allocated more ad spend to CPA partners, in addition to investing in paid media placements. In order to apply strategic payouts to top-performing partners, the Agency team collaborated with the client to create a grading system to measure the loan-to-value (LTV) of current investment accounts across the client’s program. Following the creation of this grading system, the Agency team implemented a tiered payout system based on the quality of partners’ LTV performance program-wide.


By utilizing a CPA allowance, conducting multiple quality reports, and implementing a weighted grading system for strategic payouts, Perform[cb] Agency saw a 96% increase in funded accounts over one month. Over a two-month period, the marketer also saw a 41% growth in funded accounts and is trending towards exceeding their program’s Q1 2021 goals. Finally, this client also achieved an increase of 2,300 account registrations in just one month.