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13-Minute Average Call Duration

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43% Increase in Conversion Rate QoQ

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75,159 Total Calls Driven QoQ


A leading auto insurance marketer was looking to run a pay per call (PPC) campaign with Perform[cb] to generate new customer sales calls with a duration of two minutes or longer. In addition to driving new sales calls, this marketer wanted to keep their cost-per-policy to $800 or less.  


Perform[cb] partnered with this auto insurance marketer to launch an evergreen Google Ads account that could run in conjunction with the marketer’s existing internal marketing efforts. The team developed a campaign strategy, in compliance with all policy click-to-call changes, that concentrated on generic and conquesting keywords, including aggregators, producers, carriers, and direct competitors’ terms. 


By working closely to optimize the marketer’s keywords, Perform[cb] was able to exceed the campaign’s KPIs and consistently deliver a CPA below $600. The marketer generated 32,418 new calls with an average duration of 13 minutes quarter-over-quarter, achieving a 43% increase in conversion rate. Thrilled by the instant success they saw with PPC, this insurance brand expanded its budget and continues to optimize its customer acquisition with Perform[cb].