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56% Increase in Revenue YoY 

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51.2% Conversion Rate YoY

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14,357 Paid Calls Driven YTD


A popular health and lifestyle marketer was looking to generate new insurance policies on a pay-per-call (PPC) basis with call durations of 90 seconds or more. This marketer wanted to establish specific campaign targeting parameters, focusing on demographics such as age and zip code. In an effort to maximize new sales at or below a $400 CPA, this marketer was hoping to grow its new paid calls per day with Perform[cb] Outcome Engine. 


This insurance marketer was looking to run two PPC campaigns, one targeting users under 65 for life insurance and the other targeting consumers over 65 for health insurance. In order to confirm callers fit the respective campaign criteria, the Perform[cb] team passed users’ age and zip code through our call analytics platform’s API. In doing so, Perform[cb] was able to route callers to the correct end buyer for the client. Additionally, the team created audience segments at the buy-level for age, in-market interest, and search behavior in order to pre-qualify callers prior to entering our interactive voice response (IVR). To ensure all calls were connected to the end-buyers, our in-house Compliance team conducted manual checks of all recordings as a method of double-verification. 


Over the course of this marketer’s campaign, the Perform[cb] team has driven 14,357 paid calls and counting. With inbound calls being the most effective at generating revenue for the client, this resulted in a 56% increase in revenue year-over-year. Having achieved a 51.2% conversion rate, the marketer plans to continue the campaign with a focus on maintaining this PPC success.