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40,000 Increase in Monthly Users

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50% Increase in Linked Accounts

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$7 eCPA on Linked Account Users


A popular money-management and investing application was looking to acquire meaningful users by leveraging the Perform[cb] display network. This long-standing Perform[cb] client wanted to drive users to install and link to their accounts while maintaining ROI.


Perform[cb] provided this financial app with engaged users to install, register, and link a bank account. By tapping into our partner network, the marketer saw a  40,000 increase in monthly users driven on iOS. Additionally, the money-management app saw 50% increase in users who link their bank account after install while maintaining a $7 eCPA. Perform[cb]’s ability to consistently hit aggressive user acquisition targets while maintaining ROI benchmarks played a key role in the acquisition of this app by a large financial institution.