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1,804% Increase in Revenue YoY

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1,214% Increase in Conversion YoY

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88,000+ Conversions Driven Since Joining Perform[cb] Outcome Engine


A leading personal finance service was previously working with a competitor network, but felt as though the partnership wasn’t providing the insight and strategy needed to make informed decisions. This finance marketer was looking to expand its growth by driving new customer acquisition at scale, specifically the number of enrollments. In hopes of growing their presence within the affiliate space, this marketer joined Perform[cb] Outcome Engine.


This finance marketer highly valued Perform[cb]’s compliance standards, strict vetting process, and strategic relationships with affiliate partners. Upon joining the Outcome Engine, this marketer was looking to focus campaigns on popular services, including credit score reporting and identity theft protection. The Perform[cb] team partnered this marketer with a number of tenured affiliates who had proven success in the finance vertical. 

In order to test the client’s creative performance across different sources, our team and affiliates developed a variety of custom landing pages and product bundle promotions, while testing new traffic channels and utilizing SubID tracking. By employing split testing across a variety of distribution channels, this marketer was able to provide Perform[cb] with insights that, in turn, helped affiliate partners dial in their traffic and achieve the desired KPIs.


By focusing on open communication and providing regular, granular campaign insights, this finance marketer has continued to see improvements in the consistency and scale of new enrollments over the past few years. The marketer was able to achieve a 1,804% increase in revenue year-over-year after joining Perform[cb] Outcome Engine. Additionally, our team successfully drove a 1,214% increase in conversions year-over-year. So far, this marketer has achieved over 68,000 conversions and generated over $2.5 million in revenue. The Outcome Engineteam is excited about this client’s accelerated growth, and plans to continue scaling with this marketer to achieve their customer acquisition goals for years to come.