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201,000+ Total Installs in Q4

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3.94% Click to Install iOS Conversion Rate

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9,300+ In-App Purchases in One Month


This household e-commerce brand was looking to drive increased holiday traffic to their mobile shopping app heading into Q4. Having previously achieved success launching and running CPI campaigns with Perform[cb], this marketer wanted to replicate this during their holiday seasonality.


In an effort to drive users to the marketer’s app across both iOS and Android, Perform[cb] proactively strategized with top-performing affiliates and provided them with holiday creative assets. Perform[cb] launched the campaign with a selection of its strongest e-commerce publishers to drive traffic to the brand’s app using in-app and mobile web placements. While additional budget was set aside to test mobile retargeting, the client opted to increase CPI traffic mid-Q4 due to the strong success they’d already seen with that campaign. Perform[cb] quickly shifted the remaining ad spend to the CPI offer to continue scaling through their holiday seasonality spike.


As a result of proactive planning and taking advantage of holiday seasonality, this e-commerce marketer was able to acquire more than 201,000 total installs in Q4. iOS user acquisition proved to be the top performer in terms of installs and purchase volume, with a 3.94% average conversion rate from click to install. Although not a direct objective, the client also achieved over 9,300 in-app purchases made by new users across both iOS and Android in just one month.

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