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KURU Footwear Sprints to Customer Acquisition Goals with Perform[cb]

Posted By Louise Allison on Dec 2 2022
Perform[cb] strategized with KURU Footwear to achieve a 794% increase in revenue. Learn how we can do the same for you.

Full-Funnel Affiliate Strategy Exceeds Vitauthority’s Customer Acquisition Goals

Posted By Louise Allison on Nov 18 2022
Vitauthority achieved a 244% revenue increase through the affiliate channel with Perform[cb]. Learn how we can do the same for you.

Lovepop Achieves 777% Increase in Revenue Through Affiliate Channel

Posted By Holly Barnes on Oct 24 2022
Perform[cb] strategized with LovePop to build a full-funnel affiliate promotional campaign around the U.S. Mother’s Day holiday, a top-performing shopping day for the greeting card vertical.

Lyric Achieves 258% Increase in Revenue Upon Launch with Perform[cb]

Posted By Perform[cb] on Mar 11 2022
A popular health & wellness marketer, Lyric, achieved a 258% revenue increase with Perform[cb].

Babbel Increases Orders by 130% with New First Click Attribution Model

Posted By Tim Wittmann on Feb 3 2022
Babbel, the world’s first language learning app, increased orders by 130% at Perform[cb] with first click strategy. Want in on the success secrets?

Fashion Accessories Brand Drives 404% Total Revenue Growth Since Joining Perform[cb] Agency

Posted By Tim Wittmann on Oct 27 2021
A popular fashion accessories brand has driven 404% total revenue growth since joining Perform[cb] Agency in 2018. Click here to read more.

Leading E-commerce Marketer Achieves 70,000 Installs in One Month

Posted By Tim Wittmann on Aug 31 2021
A leading e-commerce marketer achieved 70,000 installs in one month with Perform[cb]’s top-performing partners. Click here to read more.

In-House vs Agency Affiliate Program Management

Posted By Tim Wittmann on May 27 2021
Read how Perform[cb] increased order volume, revenue, and more for a brand that took their in-house affiliate program to Perform[cb] Agency.

A Popular Beauty Brand Drives 53% Increase in Sales QoQ

Posted By Holly Barnes on Apr 14 2021
A popular beauty brand drives 53% increase in sales QoQ with Perform[cb] Agency. Read our case study!

Popular Women’s Sunglasses Brand Achieves 210% Increase in Revenue

Posted By Tim Wittmann on Apr 5 2021
A well-known e-commerce brand achieved a 210% increase in revenue Month-over-Month with Perform[cb] Agency. Click here to read more.
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