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130% Increase in Incremental Orders YoY

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24% Decrease in CPA YoY

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14% Increase in Revenue YoY


Babbel, the world’s first language learning app, was looking to incrementally increase sales ahead of Q4 with Perform[cb]. In an effort to achieve this incrementality, Babbel wanted to focus solely on top-performing publishers throughout the entire buyer’s funnel. The Agency team planned to strategize with Babbel to execute a first click attribution strategy across their affiliate program. 


In Q3, Perform[cb] migrated Babbel’s affiliate program to Impact in an effort to implement a new first click attribution model across their program. Babbel’s prior tracking platform lacked first click solutions, which is why Perform[cb] sought to test and optimize with this fairly new feature within Impact. The team knew this transition had to begin in early Q3 to give publishers ample time to complete the migration prior to Q4.

Being one of the first agencies to test this first click solution with Impact, the Perform[cb] team focused efforts and spend towards those partners that were driving high incrementality. This was done based on actionable data acquired through the new first click model with Impact, rather than the historical full-funnel affiliate approach.  


By utilizing Impact’s detailed first click tracking capabilities to optimize payouts and pivot budgets, Perform[cb] was able to drive a 130% increase in incremental orders for Babbel year-over-year. As a result of implementing the first click strategy, Babbel achieved a 24% decrease in their cost-per-acquisition (CPA). With a 14% increase in revenue that is trending to continue into the following year, Babbel plans to continue testing this first click model with Perform[cb].