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52% of Users Completed Registration Event

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14% Increase in User Acquisition


Apartment List came to Perform[cb] looking to drive incremental value and scale during their peak seasonality months of March, April, and May. The marketer was focused on increasing the number of users who complete a registration event.


Perform[cb] leveraged their vast distribution sources to drive increased brand awareness of high-quality users. and increased users by 14% during this client’s period of high seasonality.


Due to Perform[cb]’s ability to drive high-quality users, Apartment List saw a 14% increase in users during their peak seasonality. Additionally, the advertiser reported that Perform[cb] was their biggest source of growth. Exceeding their KPI goal, 52% of users completed a registration event,  prompting the marketer to continue running campaigns with Perform[cb] throughout the year rather than focusing only on running only during periods of peak seasonality.