Affiliates Can Now Distribute Traffic Down to the Decimal

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jun 29 2020

Optimization is one of our favorite words. Why? Because the more we can optimize our platform, the more our partners can do with their campaigns. And the […]

CPA Pricing Models Explained

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jun 22 2020

Today’s digital marketer has more options at their fingertips than ever before for user acquisition. Long gone are the days when you were limited to choosing between […]

Why Flexibility is the Key to Performance Marketing

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jun 15 2020

More times than not, marketers set a fixed budget for the individual marketing channels within their overall marketing or advertising strategy. However, in many cases, fixed budgets […]

Adperio Ranks in AppsFlyer 2018 Performance Index

Posted By Perform[cb] on Sep 27 2018

Once again, Adperio has been ranked on the AppsFlyer Performance Index, “ranking the best media sources in mobile advertising.”

Adperio New Employee Spotlight

Posted By Perform[cb] on Sep 5 2018

Since Q2, Adperio has welcomed many new faces to the team with exciting capabilities and phenomenal drive. Coming from places as close as Colorado’s backyard of Breckenridge, Highlands Ranch, and Boulder, and as far as Michigan and Illinois, read on to learn about the Adperio’s most recent additions!

Adperio Summer ’18 Recap

Posted By Perform[cb] on Aug 29 2018

The summer months always fly by and this year was no exception! Before the Adperio team packs away their white pants for the year, we’re taking a minute to reflect on all of the great times our team has enjoyed this summer.

Adperio Celebrates Its 24th Anniversary

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jun 27 2018

2018 rings in Adperio’s 24th year of business! Our team has shifted over the years in terms of goals, team members, and market trends, but our most exciting work continues to lie ahead. In honor of Adperio’s 24th anniversary, we’ve gathered some thoughts from our leadership team about what they’re looking forward to this year. …

Congratulations to Geoff Bender On 10 Amazing Years!

Posted By Perform[cb] on Oct 8 2017

Congratulations to Geoff Bender, Affiliate Account Director, on celebrating an impressive 10 years with Clickbooth on October 8th, 2017. While you may be quiet at times, your personality has not slipped by us! We couldn’t have gotten where we are today without your 10 years of hard work and dedication to the industry.