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4 Necessities for Great Performance Marketing Network Technology

performance marketing technology

As digital marketing continues to become the marketing method of choice for brands and retailers across the globe, performance marketing has experienced year over year leaps in […]

COVID-19 Has Given the E-Commerce Vertical More Power than Ever

E-Commerce Vertical Spotlight

What started as a forced shift in consumer behavior in direct response to the worldwide stay-in-place orders that spanned the globe, could now very well be the […]

Two Verticals that Aren’t Slowing Down in a Stay-at-Home Economy

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affiliate vertical spotlight

With COVID-19 making its presence known across the globe, virtually every country is now well entrenched in the new “stay-at-home” lifestyle. Government-mandated social distancing measures have restricted […]

4 Steps to Master Lead Generation in Performance Marketing

During this time of COVID-19, marketers are looking to digital tactics to supplement the lead generation efforts that would have taken other forms under normal circumstances. Performance […]

Vertical Performance in the COVID-19 Era

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Last week we released our white paper Pivoting in a Pandemic, which offers a deep dive into vertical performance and trends in the time of COVID-19. In case you missed it, catch up on the highlights here!