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5 Important Affiliate Marketing KPIs to Consider

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As affiliate marketing continues to prove itself an invaluable digital marketing channel, marketers are increasingly asking what they can do to optimize their campaigns and affiliate programs […]

Affiliates Can Now Distribute Traffic Down to the Decimal

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Weighted Distribution

Optimization is one of our favorite words. Why? Because the more we can optimize our platform, the more our partners can do with their campaigns. And the […]

CPA Pricing Models Explained

CPA Pricing Models Explained

Today’s digital marketer has more options at their fingertips than ever before for user acquisition. Long gone are the days when you were limited to choosing between […]

Why Flexibility is the Key to Performance Marketing

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More times than not, marketers set a fixed budget for the individual marketing channels within their overall marketing or advertising strategy. However, in many cases, fixed budgets […]

How to Maintain Control in the Face of Fraud

Fraud exists across all digital marketing methods and has continued to rise in popularity over the past decade as bots and fraudsters have consistently become more innovative. […]